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Women's Developmental Camp at Sun City West on Friday and Saturday following the South Central Open- Feb 17-18.
This clinic is to improve your game and gain knowledge about the position you wish to play. read more

The 2017 Bowls USA dues form is here (pdf or Word). Reminder- You must be a member of Bowls USA to bowl in SCD tournaments in 2017 unless you are a WBB member visiting the area less than 31 days. As of Feb 13, here are the SCD Members.

“The newly elected officers of South Central Division want to hear from you.    Please send your comments – good or bad, recommendations, suggestions, to Ron Rollick at this email address:     Thank you for your input and we look forward to seeing you on the greens.”

The Mary Terrill Women's/Mixed Pairs at SC West on Feb 23-24-25 needs more entries.

The entries to date are here.

Here are the SCD men's open entries for Triples, Pairs & Singles.

Here are the SCD women's open entries  for Fours, Singles & Pairs


Feb 16, 2017

The men's bowler of the tournament was Charlie Herbert.

Charlie Herbert defeated Gord Fall to win the men's singles.

3rd- Andy Klubberud

4th- Bill Brault

2f-1 Chris Davis

2f-2 Steve Bezanson

3f-1 Keith Roney

3f-2 Russ Leonard

3f challenge- Ron Rollick

4f-1 Martin Foxhall

4f-2 Dave Llewellyn

4f challenge- Rob Behncke

5f- 1 Mike Wagner

5f-2 Jeff Covell

5f challenge- Miguel Roliz

6f-1 Leo Dusablon

6f-2 Richard Broad

6f challenge- Chris Foster

Alice Birkinshaw was the women's bowler of the tournament.

   Margi                          Candy

Margi Rambo & Candy DeFazio beat Rosalie Parsons-Brown & JoAnne Bugler to win the women's pairs.

3rd- Sandy Wall & Maryanne Little

4th- Jean Roney & Janice Bell

2f-1 Myra Wood & Lorraine Hitchcock

2f-2 Melanie Visenor & Sharon Perry

3f-1 Claire Day &Val Wilson

3f-2 Heidi Fernandes & Linda Roberts

3f challenge- Dora Stewart & Constance DesJardins

4f-1 Sue Roth & Laurie Roth

4f-2 Margaret Bruce & Cathy Wieliczko


Feb 15,2017

(The spreadsheet for Women's Fours is now below with the fours results)

The women's pairs results are below. Sue Roth's and Cheryl Barkovitch's team have a bye the 1st game.

The men's singles results are below. The players in yellow do not return.


Feb 14, 2017


Alice Birkinshaw defeated Jean Roney to win the women's singles at Bell.

3rd- MaryAnn Beath

4th- Anne Van Bastelaere

2f-1 Dee McSparran

2f-2 Sue Roth

3f-1 Ruby DuFeu

3f-2 Joanne Hedgespeth

4f-1 Brenda Head

4f-2 Cheryl Barkovitch

        Leo                           Steve

Steve Bezanson & Leo Dusablon were victorious over Bill Brault & Jim Filipiak in the men's pairs final at Sun City West.-

3rd- Earle Friedman & John Hollingsworth

4th- Leon Dallas & Joe Herbert

2f-1 Grant Shear & Barry Hayes

2f-2 Jeff Covell & Todd Wagers

3f-1 Len Hitchcock & Larry Strueby

3f-2 Bill Hiscock & Jim Olson

3f chall- Charlie Herbert & Darrell Jones

4f-1 Rick Marinaccio & Hugh Branston

4f-2 Keith Roney & Patrick Duffy

4f chall -Andy Klubberud & Chris Davis

5f-1 Tom Roth & Don Caswell

5f-2 George Tucker & William Smalluk

5f chall- Peter Ritchie & Phil Salt

6f-1 Jim Foley & Bob McQueen

6f-2 John Scutt & Bill Lang

6f chall- John Duvall & Glenn Weber 


Feb 13, 2017

Two teams went 4-0. The 4 teams at the bottom don't return for day 2.

Below are the women's singles results. Cheryl & Brenda have a bye in the 1st game Tuesday.


Feb 12, 2017


Kottia           Eva         Anne          Linda                                        John                   Jeff                   Todd

The winners of the women's fours were Kottia Spangler, Anne Nunes, Eva Lee & Linda Roberts.

2- Regina Banares, Dee McSparran, Cheryl Barkovich & Anne Van Bastelaere

3- Debbie Tupper, Rosalie Parsons- Brown, Joan Bugler & Pam Edwards

4- Maryann Beath, Margi Rambo, Candy DeFazio & Alice Birkinshaw

5- Rebecca McQueen, Myra Wood, Denny Marinaccio & Lorraine Hitchcock

6- Jean Roney, Janice Bell, Kim Heiser & Sue Roth

7- Melanie Visenor, Maryna Hyland, Joanne Hedgespeth & Mary Thompson

The winners of the men's triples were Jeff Covell, Todd Wagers & John Hollingsworth.

2-Charlie Herbert,  Darrell Jones & Rick Marinaccio

3- Hugh Branston, John Wilson & Jim Filipiak

4 Peter Paquet. Lynn Canivez & Geno Sarno

2f-1 Patrick Duffy, Jurgen Fessler & Jurgen Fessler

2f-2 Grant Shear, Barry Hayes & Robert Busciglio

3f-1 George Ralston jr, Mike Wagner & Laurie Moritz

3f-2 Earle Friedman, Martin Foxhall & David Llewellyn

3f challenge- Len Hitchcock, Larry Strueby & Glenn Weber

4f-1 Rich Enockson, Jim Ward & Scott Peterson

4f-2 Tim Christie, Frank Matyskiela & Fred Anast

4f challenge-Leon Dallas, Joe Herber & Peter Scott

5f-1 Bob Birkinshaw, Bill Brault & Ron Rollick

5f-2 Neil Douglas, Stu MacNaughton & Frank Souza

5f challenge- John Scutt, Bob Hill, Bill Lang


Feb 11, 2017

Below are the results of the women's fours at Bell and the men's triples at SCW after the 1st day.

Sunday all the women's teams are at Lakeview and all the men's teams except the bottom 2 are at SCW.

A scoring error was corrected on the 1st women's scoresheet.



Jan 28, 2017

The Ralston Triples  teams .


Neil                       Dianne                    Ernie                                             Larry                  Steve               Lorraine       

Here are the results of the George Ralston Mixed Triples. 

Champions – Neil Douglas (s), Dianne Douglas, Ernie Kassian  

Runners-up Steve Bezanson (s), Larry McLellan, Lorraine Bezanson 

3rd Place – Hugh Branston (s), Ivo Van Bastelaere, Anne Van Bastelaere 

4th Place – Larry Strueby (s), Len Hitchcock, Lorraine Hitchcock 


Winners – George Ralston, Jr. (s), Dee McSparran, Mike Wagner 

Runners-up – Claire Day (s), David Gardner, Bob Perry 


Winners – Rick Marinaccio (s), Darrell Jones, Ann Sherman 

Runners-up – Bob Birkinshaw (s), Ron Rollick, Alice Birkinshaw 


Winners – Jim Ward (s), Bob Hill, Elaine Hanson 

Runners-up – Keith Roney (s), Jean Roney, Irene Webster 


Winners – Norm Dean (s), Barry Sundet, Ruby Dufue 

Runners-up – Grant Summers (s), Scott Peterson, Mary Wright 


Jan 27, 2017

It was a very windy and cool day at Sun City West making drawing to the jack a challenge.

Below are the results after 2 days. The bottom 2 teams do not return tomorrow.


Jan 26, 2017

Finally some sunny weather for the 1st day of the George Ralston Mixed Triples.  There are  3 ten end games each of the 1st 2 days to qualify.



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